7:28PM: above the river the bridge     the bridge. Forthcoming.

Poetry Northwest

From Granite Illusion, So the Conjoined World Follows. Forthcoming.


The Spectacle

The Auction. 6. Dec. 2018.
stains of an enemy’s century. 6. Dec. 2018.
Reckoning. 6. Dec. 2018.

Shadow Season. 45.1 Oct. 2018.

Black Warrior Review


Sister Shapes. Forthcoming.


in the after [sister idioms]. 11. Sept. 2017.
you had a baby & then. 11. Sept. 2017.

Yes, Poetry

Sister, n., [Found]. Mar. 10, 2017.

The Birds We Piled Loosely

amnesty. 10. Dec. 2016.
democracy of swollen things. 10. Dec. 2016.


Out of Pebbles. 31. Oct. 2016.

Broadsided Press

island sided. June 2016.


liminal spaces. Apr. 2016.


to move forward. Oct. 2015.


preservation tactics. The Boundaries of Nature. Sept. 2015.


a lesson in decomposing. 17. May 2015.
Homegrowths. 17. May 2015.
I Sever, I Ought to Nudge the Obscene Fickleness. 17. May 2015.
Wildflower Mythology. 17. May 2015.

Bayou Magazine

The hearth no longer a hallowed frame—I found. 62. 2014.

14 Hills

afternoon in the rain. 19.1. 2013.

awards & residencies

The Alice Gallery (Seattle, WA)

Writer in Residence. Oct.-Nov. 2017.

Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)

Anselle M. Larson/Academy of American Poets Prize. Apr. 2012.
judged by Caryl Pagel

conference presentations

Praxis Conference on Transformative Teaching

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Discipline: Turning Immersive Experience into Creative Pedagogical Strategies. Seattle, WA. Feb. 2016.

Poetry & Science Symposium

L'Invitation au Voyage: A Journey through Sound to Meaning in Translation. San Juan Island, WA. Nov. 2015.

On Poetry and Memorization. San Juan Island, WA. Nov. 2014.